What is (IF) Intermittent Fasting 16/8?

What is IF 16/8

IF 16/8 is a nutritional supplement company that specializes in products designed to support people during intermittent fasting. The company's name reflects its focus on this dietary approach, with "IF" standing for Intermittent Fasting, "16" referring to the hours of fasting, and "8" indicating the hours of eating during a 24-hour period.

IF 16/8 offers a range of nutritional supplements to support intermittent fasting, including three products designed to be taken during the 8-hour eating period. These include the Fat-burning Fuel supplement, as well as Collagen Protein in chocolate and vanilla flavors. These supplements are intended to support optimal nutrition during the eating period, helping to maintain energy levels and promote satiety.

IF 16/8 also offers a lemon-lime flavored powder called Fiber Powder Plus Probiotics and Enzymes, which is intended to be taken during the 16-hour fast. This supplement provides a blend of fiber, probiotics, and enzymes to support healthy digestion and appetite control during the fasting period.

Overall, IF 16/8 is a company dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through the practice of intermittent fasting, and its range of nutritional supplements is designed to support optimal nutrition during both the eating and fasting periods.

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